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Our thanks to all those who fly the flag for the University of Strasbourg!  They have been actively involved in or have been keeping a close watch on the setting up of the University Foundation: 

The University of Strasbourg Presidency Team: 
  • University of Strasbourg President: Alain Beretz
  • Presidency Officers : Sylvie Lefèvre-Dalbin and Claudine Wernert
  • First Vice-president: Michel Deneken
  • Vice-president in charge of Company relations: Jean-Marc Jeltsch
  • Management assistants : Caroline Decker and Argham Bariza
  • Former President and Vice-president of the ex Robert Schuman University: Florence Benoît-Rohmer and Dominique d’Ambra
  • Former Presidency Officer and General Secretary of the ex Marc Bloch University: Jean-Philippe Halter and David Peil
  • Former Vice-President in charge of the international relations of the ex Louis Pasteur and Marc Bloch Universities: Mireille Matt and Martine Chassignet

  • Chairman of the Board: Régis Bello
  • Florida : Catherine Grosdemange-Billiard (ex Louis Pasteur University)
  • Communication and Press relations Service: Pascal Wintz, Jérôme Castle, Agnes Villanueva, Caroline Laplane, Brigitte Got, Gaelle Talbot
  • Valorisation Service: Caroline Rigot, Anne-Isabelle Bischoff, Barbara Toscani
  • FnAK: Pierre Braunstein and Antony Mauvais
  • FRC: Thomas Ebbesen and Jean Gagneux
  • EM-Strasbourg Partenaires Association: Didier Ernst and Francis Schillio
  • ENSCMu Foundation: Aline Humbert
  • University of Florida Foundation: Chris Needles and Randy Duran
  • ITI-RI: Eckhart Hötzel
  • ex Robert Schuman University: Constance Grewe
  • Legal Consulting: Marie-Hélène Aubry, Marie-Lorraine Pesnaud, Julien Millet
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